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From the exotic heights of the Himalayan mountains to Antarctica’s Larsen sea ice shelf, discover how our customers around the globe use Sensors & Software Ground Penetrating Radar to uncover what lies beneath.

Dr. Harry Jol

Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin — Wisconsin, USA

Dr. Adam Booth

Lecturer in Exploration Geophysics, University of Leeds — Leeds, UK

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Dear friends, One thing is to make a review when you just buy a equipment, and another is after having it for more than 4 years!
We bought the Noggin 250 smart cart and really today, I consider it a friend. Always ready for an entire day of work, extremely durable, and with very reliable results. As of today, we have done over 200 projects in all kinds of places, and the Noggin is always there like the first day; never a problem. We have scanned all types of surfaces, from sand to concrete with double reinforcement! and he has always responded. It really is an all-terrain that we hope to have for many more years. Thank you!

Cristian Rougier

Soluciones geográficas para decisiones inteligentes

We recently purchased the pulseEKKO® PRO system from Sensors & Software. The outstanding customer care and technical support that we received helped us navigate the purchase process with ease and confidence. From start to finish, the sales rep answered our questions promptly and cheerfully, often involving multiple people in the conversation to ensure accurate technical information was provided. The products themselves are industry-leading, providing superior data quality to that we have seen from other systems in the market. We recommend Sensors & Software without hesitation to anyone who asks about commercial GPR systems!

Dr. Esther Babcock
President/Chief Geophysicist,
Logic Geophysics & Analytics LLC
Alaska, USA

I found the staff at Sensors & Software to be extremely helpful, approachable, and I would even say patient as we navigated our purchase. Our order was complicated by the fact that three entities were collaborating on the purchase – two private companies and a university – and while we were well aware of GPR’s potential, none of us had used the equipment before. The training session was exceptional and I am pleased to report that within a week of receiving our Noggin® 500 we were collecting and interpreting viable data in the field. When we have questions, we pick up the phone and get answers, and with the support of Sensors & Software staff we are powering our way up the learning curve. Overall it’s been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to develop a relationship with Sensors & Software as we explore the application of GPR to archaeology in our region
Jonathan Fowler
Associate Professor of Archaeology,
Saint Mary’s University
Nova Scotia, Canada

The Sales Team at Sensors & Software has always been able to answer our questions and get us what we need quickly. They’ve also helped us build relationships with new clients and branch out our current services with the technology we’ve purchased from them. They are a great partner to have in the subsurface industry!

Greg Finkle, P.E.

Engineering Manager,
Master Locators, Inc.
Pennsylvania, USA

The Conquest® 100 GPR that I’m running across the floor can be used to look into walls and foundations, believe it or not, I get 1 or 2 requests a year to help find time capsules!
The Noggin® system is what we use for cemetery surveys and on historic period archaeological sites.

Jarrod Burks

Director of Archaelogical Geophysics at Ohio Valley Archaelogy, Inc.

I want to say thanks for your help on the recent project we conducted using the PulseEkko Ultra system.

It took Earth Scan a few months to get this project in place as you know, but the entire time as things changed you personally were very helpful and responded to my needs very quickly generating quotes and working on different timelines. The Sensors team also worked closely with me so that I could offer the best system configuration possible with attention to the budget I had available – thank you for that and this worked for both our benefit as the Client was very happy with the results.

The equipment was delivered to me very well organized, with spares, manuals and labels allowing me to get set up quickly.

I also greatly appreciate the assistance from Greg Johnston who gave me some very helpful assistance in how to get the most value out of the final data acquired.

Bill Mooney

President & CEO
Earth Scan Technologies Ltc.

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